Unlock Full Speed Enterprise-Wide Kafka Streams

Kafka requires unfettered access to data across your entire network in order to utilize the full power of its distributed log system. Even though the Mainframe contains the most valuable data, its TCP/IP interface is often the laggard when it comes to access speeds.

It’s time to upgrade to MDI zKonnect.

It replaces slow and unsecure TCP/IP connections with much faster and more secure FICON-based pipelines for truly instant and interconnected processing on any Kafka platform.

With MDI zKonnect, you are able to:

  • Publish mainframe data to Kafka topics at up to 25 GbE per channel
  • Send processed data back to the mainframe at FICON speeds
  • Reduce existing performance overhead and bottlenecks
  • Quickly adapt to changing data processing needs

zKonnect eliminates the overhead, bottlenecks and security risks associated with data movement over mainframe-based TCP/IP, enabling more efficient and agile streaming data pipelines by using FICON.

Get more information on how MDI zKonnect optimizes enterprise-wide Kafka streams.

Installs in just 3 days. Positive ROI in 7 days.

See up to a 22.5x increase in data transfer, and 95.6% reduction in costs within 1 week of installation.