Harnessing Hadoop to Make Better Business Decisions

To reap full benefit from their hard-earned data, many companies have looked to the enormous storage & processing power of the Hadoop ecosystem. This requires a high level of integration and connectivity that TCP/IP-based systems cannot sufficiently provide.

Solution: MDI BigData Transfer.

Our advanced I/O interface enables ultra-high-speed data exchanges so enterprises can fully leverage Hadoop’s capabilities.

With MDI BigData Transfer, you gain:

  • 800MB/s per MDI platform
  • Simple & secure connections on both ends
  • Efficient data set conversion
  • Built-in data encryption
  • Massive reduction in MIPS

BigData Transfer achieves blazing speeds using FICON connections and communicates with HDFS via webHDFS.

Get more information on how MDI BigData Transfer helps to bring out the most value from your enterprise data.

Installs in just 3 days. Positive ROI in 7 days.

See up to a 22.5x increase in data transfer, and 95.6% reduction in costs within 1 week of installation.