Luminex MDI:
Where Big Data Meets Big Value at Warp Speed


The Challenge

In our ultra-connected business environment, collecting large amounts of data has been made easier than ever with advancing technology. The next step is to extract usable value from all this data in order to gain a competitive advantage. For this to happen, enterprises require ultra-fast and efficient means to share big data both internally and externally. After all, what good is data collection if you can’t access it effectively for analysis?

The Solution

Luminex MDI takes a quantum leap in data accessibility by providing blazing transfer speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than current methods.

MDI’s superior performance offers both immediate and lasting benefits:

  • Up to +99% in cost savings vs. SFTP
  • Up to +73% in cost savings vs. FTP
  • Reduce transmission time by +95.6%
  • Zero security breaches

MDI makes it possible to share data instantly and on-demand both internally and across multiple platforms. We provide cost-effective solutions that are inherently secure & ultra-efficient, empowering enterprises to reap big value from big data.

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Transfer Speed Requirement

MDI’s unique architecture can rapidly move petabytes of information to and from the mainframe on a frequent basis


Resource Efficiency Requirement

MDI dramatically reduces CPU load and eliminates network bottlenecks and can perform encryption and data transformations without any mainframe resource consumption.


Data Security Concerns

MDI utilizes a native, inherently secure transfer method eliminating security risks associated with open ports and exposed network connections without time-consuming digital certificate and secure login limitations.


Cross-Platform Integration

MDI provides seamless integration with powerful data analytics tools such as Hadoop, Kafka, Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud and more without consuming mainframe resources.


Ease & Cost of Operation

MDI’s revolutionary solution overcomes the difficulty and cost of managing exponentially growing data while providing increased timely business insights.

Increase data transfer 22.5x, reduce costs, increase security, and generate more revenue through better and faster data analytics.

  • Allows Open Systems teams to receive Big Value Data from the Mainframe in real-time
  • Enterprise-wide views, reporting and analytics
  • Data converted into an easy-to-use format for faster processing
  • On-demand access to data, faster than with any other solution
  • No more silos: data is there before you need it.