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Used by the world’s largest data environments with proven results:

Your mainframe’s data is mission critical and of extremely high value. Fortune 500 companies trust Luminex’s MDI solution to securely transfer their high value data at unmatched speeds. The results are clear, MDI improves processes, reduces costs, and increases revenue. 


Unmatched transfer speed

Up to 22.5x faster than any other technology


Unlimited data movement

Largest Throughput and Most Versatile


Better analytics in real time

Increases revenue and profit


Most secure data transfer

No data breaches


Lower costs

Transfer costs reduced by up to 95%


Immediate ROI

Installs in just 3 days

MDI is built on a modular, highly customizable architecture that enables limitless implementations for data integration and secure managed file transfer workflows.

MDI SecureTransfer

Turbo Boost Mainframe File Transfer Speeds and Reduce System Resource Usage

MDI SLP for Data Analytics & Transformation

Leverage Off-Host Processes for Efficient Data Reporting While Freeing Up MSUs & Storage

MDI BigData Transfer

Establish Ultra Fast Connections with Hadoop to Make Better Business Decisions

MDI Cross-Platform Data Sharing

Enable On-Demand Access to Mainframe Data to Simplify and Enhance Data Sharing

MDI zKonnect for Kafka

Stream Mainframe Data at Real-Time to Kafka Stream Processors for Superior Analytics

MDI Cloud Data Sharing

Unlock Full Throttle Access to Cloud Services for Robust and Secure Data Storage

What if you could reduce data transfer time by over 95.6%?

Get your data faster, make better business decisions

  • Superior real-time analytics
  • Better insights & greater competitive advantage
  • Faster access to unlimited amounts of data
  • Faster reaction to consumer purchase decisions
  • Faster delivery of products and services
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased revenues
Speed, Luminex vs Other

Integrating with platforms like:

Installs in just 3 days. Positive ROI in 7 days.

See up to a 22.5x increase in data transfer, and 95.6% reduction in costs within 1 week of installation.