Case Studies

See How MDI is Helping Clients Get Big Value From Their Big Data

National Retailer

A retail client leveraged MDI platform’s unthrottled transfer speeds to reduce the time it took to upload a 40 GB file to Google Cloud from 191 minutes to just 49 minutes, cut MIPS usage by 95%, and CPU time by 99%. And they did all this using a modest 1 GbE connection. MDI is capable of utilizing multiple 25 GbE channels to go even faster.

Destination Site: Google Cloud

Challenge: Reduce Upload Time

Solution: MDI Cloud Data Sharing

Result: 68% Reduction in Elapsed Time.

Insurance Provider

It was taking an insurance provider a full weekend to move data from their mainframe to an Azure Data Lake for actuarial analysis. Switching to MDI BigData Transfer reduced this time to 90 minutes, allowing the company to perform daily updates instead of biweekly.

Destination Site: Azure Data Lake

Challenge: Enable More Timely Risk Analysis

Solution: MDI BigData Transfer

Result: 48 x Faster Speed.

Logistics Provider

Over the years, as the number of records kept increasing, a Fortune 500 transportation company struggled to generate complex MXG reports from SMF data. This reporting had placed heavy loads on their mainframe CPUs. MDI SLP moved processing off-host to reduce MSUs by 99%, and shaved reporting time from one day to merely 26 minutes.

Destination Site: MXG

Challenge: Offload Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Solution: MDI SLP

Result: Reduced MSUs by 99%

Financial Services

An industry leader in financial services needed to efficiently share data with distributed systems to handle increased demand and reduce cost. MDI deployed XPDS (Cross-Platform Data Sharing), which writes data directly to NFS storage, followed by MDI SecureTransfer to rapidly transfer files to remote FTP hosts. Our client was able to transfer 50GB files 22.5 times faster while cutting their cost by 95.9%, a savings of $1,400,000 YOY.

Destination Site: Open Systems NAS

Challenge: Lower Cost and Increase Speed of Data Transfers

Solution: MDI XPDS & MDI SecureTransfer

Result: $1.4M in annual savings and 22.5x Faster Transfers