Increased demand for data sharing between the mainframe and distributed systems had caused a spike in the operation’s
expenditure for the customer’s mainframe. However, the business value associated with sharing the data was too high to
justify stopping the transfers altogether. Instead, they needed to find a new way to move files off the mainframe that did
not consume valuable CPU cycles.


The customer needed to reduce costs and manage increased demand for sharing mainframe data with distributed applications.


The client implemented Luminex MDI to replace FTP transfers and move data previously available only on the mainframe to open systems commodity storage. In addition, MDI XPDS was utilized to write data directly to NFS storage, while MDI SecureTransfer allowed them to shift files to distributed FTP targets.


Increased transfer speed by 20x for large 50GB files while saving 95.9% on the transfer costs!


The client switched to Luminex’s MDI Platform to handle their largest and most costly data transfers. With the efficient MDI XPDS, they were able to reduce the transfer cost of moving sizable 47 GB files during off-peak periods by 96.5%. And achieve 20 times faster transfer speeds in peak hours. After the successful implementation of the initial phase, more business units migrated their data transfers to the MDI Platform, with additional MDI modules including Archive and MDI SecureTransfer.

GRMS Testing

Testing was performed for a reformatting using FTP & MDI during off-peak hours

Moving a 47GB file from off-host processor to MF using Luminex:

Client Testing

Testing was performed for a sort using FTP & MDI during off-peak hours

85GB file:

Results and Benefits:

The upgrade to the Luminex MDI Platform allowed the customer to move their data off-host 20x faster and slashed costs by 96.5%. Our client was able to:

  • Shorten wall-clock time for merchant file processing
  • Lower CPU usage
  • Save off-host processing charges

As more businesses adopt the MDI platform, not only do they achieve vastly accelerated transfer speeds and much shorter elapsed time, but also earn potentially millions in cost savings every year.