How to speed up user training in digital tools?


  • Increase the annual training capacity from 100 to several thousand
  • Set up online and distance training
  • Make training interactive to keep learners engaged


  • Assima’s patented "cloning" technology
  • Distance learning thanks to Assima's "collaborative" platform
  • More than 13,000 employees have access to online training


  • More than 150 lessons and a dozen training paths created
  • More than 2300 employees trained simultaneously
  • 3 hours of classroom training replaced by 40 minutes of distance learning

We wished for a more interactive training, and wanted to avoid having our staff follow the videos passively

P Tixador
Manager CHU Montpellier


Digital transformation in hospitals has been a major challenge facing medical centers in recent years.
As of 2012, the Montpellier University Hospital Center (CHU) began following this trend and deployed DxCare software for managing the electronic patient record. This new tool became a central element in the management of patient health data and now, must be used by all staff. The importance of this system therefore requires the implementation of specific training paths for each department.

Years after following this new implementation, the agenda and teaching method had to be reviewed to correct several deficiencies. The hospital had to find a way to continuously train its 13,000 employees and the hundreds of interns who would join its ranks each year. This proved increasingly difficult when training was delivered in classrooms.

In 2019, the University Hospital starts a project to modernize the organization of its training and set three main objectives:
- Increase annual training capacity from 100 to several thousand individuals.
- Set up online and distance training
- Make training interactive to engage the learner
To achieve this, the hospital needed to digitize its training content and acquire tools to update and distribute this content more efficiently.


Montpellier University Hospital chose Assima's solution to train its staff in the use of DxCare, and continued with Assima for other applications training following the obtained success. Thanks to Assima's patented "cloning" technology "Train" and its "Collaborate" platform, the training team was able to create, with more than 150 lessons, an interactive learning path, accessible online and on the hospital site for each employee profile: nurses, doctors, administrative staff, internal staff, etc.

All lessons created with Assima's cloning technology are automatically available in many formats: documents, videos, and interactive exercises. These interactive exercises, called "clones", are hyper-realistic copies of the target application and allow the learner to become familiar with the tool without the risk of using confidential data present in the system in production.

The reduction in face-to-face training time has allowed us to make immediate and significant savings

P Tixador
Manager CHU Montpellier

Results and Benefits

After more than a year of using Assima’s solution, the hospital is clearly seeing improvements in training results as well as many other benefits. First, online and distance learning has allowed the hospital to increase its teaching capacity considerably. The reduction in hours required to complete the course, from 3 hours to 40 minutes, has also resulted in considerable savings in both time and cost.

In addition, the simplicity and speed of content creation allowed the training team to become more efficient. Moreover, the interactivity provided by Assima's "clones" allowed for better immersion of the learners in their future work environment. This improvement in the quality of training is especially felt by the hospital's support team, which has seen a drop in the number of calls following the use of Assima. Protection of confidential information in patient files is also ensured through the Anonymization of content functionality, that takes just a few clicks.

Finally, the advantages brought by the Assima solution go even beyond the scope of the CHU. The training content is useful far beyond the walls of the Montpellier hospital, it is also made available to the GHT (groupement hospitalier de territoire) and medical students in the area. The GHT Est-Hérault Sud-Aveyron and its 8 centers now benefit from the same training programs as the Montpellier University Hospital. The students of the University of Medicine of Montpellier, therefore the future interns of the hospital, are also involved. They already have access to the training program and can therefore start the training even before being integrated into the hospital staff. All these additional benefits brought by the Assima solution, offer greater consistency, reactivity, and collaboration between healthcare professionals in the local area.

Train employees faster, improve performance,
reduce costs and increase revenues.